Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Favorite Movie Tuesday

The movie for this week is:

This movie is SO SO SO freaking good! I've probably watched it over 50 times & I never get tired of it. Well, who would ever get tired of seeing Brad Pitt without his shirt, right? It's hard to believe this movie was released 10...yes 10 years ago.

I was reading up on some trivia for this movie & read that the writers had originally wanted to get Sean Penn, Matt Damon & Reese Witherspoon to play the main characters. Crazy isn't it? I cant imagine anyone else playing a better Tyler than Brad Pitt, Narrator than Edward Norton & Marla than Helena Bonham-Carter. They were so awesome together. This movie has everything from a love story to blood fist fights. Its a total freaking classic for guys & girls.

After w
atching the movie a ton of times I found out it was actually made after a book. Of course, after finding this out I hustled my bottom over to Barnes & Noble and picked it up. It was great! The book was written by Chuck Palahniuk & I have to say the book is better than movie if you're into details, like I am. It definitely goes more in depth about the Narrators relationship with Marla & why Tyler came to be. If you like the movie, you'll enjoy the book.

My favorite part of the movie would have to be when Tyler is showing the Narrator how to make soap & he burns him. The acting is superb. Meatloaf also did a bad ass job playing Bob. I dont think I even have to mention it but...Helena Bonham-Carter was superb! I totally have a crush on her & her 'I gonna die & I don't even care' attitude.

For those who might have been on Saturn & haven't seen this movie yet or just want a daily dose of Brad & Edward, here's the movie trailer:


  1. Brad Pitt shirtless. That's all you really have to say about that movie, lol!

  2. my hubby LOVES this show! I have yet to watch it all the way through, but Brad Pitt, shirtless, you say???? hmmm.... I really need to take the time to watch this!


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