Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Favorite Movie Tuesday

Woohoo! It's Tuesday & time to pick a movie of the week.
This weeks' pick is:

Shaun of the Dead is the best zombie comedy I've ever seen! It first came out in 2004 & I cant remember if I went to the theater & watched it there but I do remember having it on DVD & playing so often that I practically know almost all the lines in the movie.

I love that it's actually a love story/comedy wrapped up into a zombie movie. I remember thinking this movie was probably going to be so cheesy because it looked low budget but I was SO wrong. This movie is hilarious! I can watch it at any time & I'll laugh every time. I think we originally saw this movie because we thought it was going to be a horror movie but when it turned out to be a spoof of zombie horror movies, it was even better than we imagined. I love all the dry humor in this movie & the fact that Shaun & Ed sing 'White Lines' by Grand Master Flash while drunk (click here to listen to song). I also have this thing for ginger guys with an English accent ;) I'm always trying to mimic the accent but I just end up sounding scottish, lol.

If you havent seen this movie I highly recommend it cause it's not scary or anything. I mean it does have some sorta gruesome parts but it's not like 'ah...hold me' kind of scary. Simon Pegg does a great job playing the middle aged guy who cant commit or get his shit together & Nick Frost is fantastic at playing the laid back, 'I dont care' kind of friend. They make a great team! I have yet to see a movie that either they've done that I haven't liked.

Now, here's the movie trailer for your eyeball enjoyment:

FYI: While looking through you tube for the best movie trailer I was literally cracking myself up by watching the previews. Ha ha...if I didn't have to go to bed already I'd totally watch this movie right now!


  1. I've never seen this but my husband liked it, and he's pretty picky! So that must mean it was good ;)

  2. Good call! LOVE Shaun of the Dead!


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