Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Favorite Movie Tuesday

This weeks movie pick is:

It's hard to believe this movie came out 11 years ago. And, no I'm not lying. I actually looked it up on IMDB.com (click here if you don't believe me). I was 15 when The Wedding Singer came out so I didn't get to watch in the theater, I think I watched it for the first time when I was 20 or so & I thought it was the best thing ever!

I have this thing for the 80's, which wasn't the best of decades but the music was pretty awesome, so this movie was like the bees knees (ha ha...got that from Pineapple Express). Adam Sandler & Drew Barrymore work so well together, they're both hilarious in their own ways. The supporting cast is amazingly funny as well. My favorite supporting actor is Sammy, Robbie's BFF/limo driver (played by Allen Covert). It's so funny when he shows up at Julia's engagement party wearing the Michael Jackson outfit, freaking awesome!

My favorite part though has to be first wedding Robbie does after his breakup with Linda. He's so miserable it's funny. And the look on the brides face is priceless (omg...and that dress, wow!). It's so funny when he gets all the lonely losers to sing along with him & then gets knocked out by the brides dad. Ha ha...I so need to buy this movie again!

So, of course here's the movie trailer for your viewing pleasure:


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  1. I LOVE this movie! It is one of my favorites and I have a love of 80s music. The parts you mention are for sure some of the funniest. I must watch this movie soon!

  2. I heart that movie! How she pays him in meatballs, when he gives her the window seat, when the little boy calls linda a bitch...and all the parts you mentioned :)

    Girl--you must go and buy it again!

  3. Holy mother! 15 years ago!? That can't be right...!


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