Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fall TV Obsessions

Its been pretty boring around these parts lately so I've had nothing to post about until I remembered how excited I am about all of my favorite shows coming back for the fall. Woohoo!
I'm pretty bummed that True Blood is over for the season (omg, the season finale was soooo good!) but as much as I'd like it to go on forever it cannot. So, we move on to a new season of other kick ass shows.
I'm a total TV junkie so here's a very long list of all the shows I'll be watching this season:
(Castle) Mon. 9/21 @10 pm - ABC

(Sons of Anarchy) Tues. 9/8 @10 pm - FX

(Old Christine) Wed. 9/23 @8 pm - CBS

(Gary Unmarried) Wed. 9/23 @8:30 pm - CBS

(Law & Order: SVU) Wed. 9/23 @9 pm - NBC

(CSI:NY) Wed. 9/23 @10 pm - CBS

(The Office) Thurs. 9/17 @9 pm - NBC

(Greys Anatomy) Thurs. 9/24 @9 pm - ABC

(2 hr episode this day)

(Private Practice) Thurs. 10/1 @10 pm - ABC

(Dexter) Sun. 9/27 @9 pm - SHO

(Californication) Sun. 9/27 @10 pm - SHO

(Desperate Housewives) Sun. 9/27 @9 pm - ABC

(Brothers & Sisters) Sun. 9/27 @10 pm - ABC

My DVR is seriously gonna be jam packed. I'm trying to keep myself busy in the meantime by reading the new mystery book I picked up at B&N the other day & trying to figure out what to do for Rusty's birthday (which is next week). He always says he doesn't want to do anything for his b-day but I know that's a total lie. He's been wanting to go to Sea World like forever & I thought about doing that for his b-day until I saw that the tickets are $50 a person. On the plus side, it'll be $50 and we get to go back twice. It sorta sucks though cause I have my traffic ticket to pay for in early October & my car needs maintenance done which is going to cost $200.

Everything seems to cost money & I have none. Sucks. Maybe I'll take the day off for his b-day & I'll tell him we'll spend ALL day at Disneyland (putting those annual passes to good use). I didn't mention it but we never ended up going to Disneyland last Friday like we planned because on Thursday night Rusty smacked his toe on the edge of his computer desk & dislocated his toe. He had to put it back into place (gross) & he's been limping around ever since.

I just remembered I have a hot pocket in the fridge & I'm starving so I'm gonna go warm that sucker up...


  1. wow, I have not seen ONE of those shows. I am really out of the loop.

  2. That's quite a list! What about Glee? have you seen it? I love that show and I'm already addicted. My husband loves sons of anarchy. I haven't seen it yet. But I will :)

  3. Oh, you make me so happy! I have contemplated getting a second DVR just to tape all my shows that are coming back. AND I LIVE ALONE! Sigh...I love TV.

    P.S. I am waiting for my season one of True Blood to arrive from Amazon and have already pre-ordered season two.


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