Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Emmys 2009: Best & Worst

I didnt actually watch the Emmys but I did see the pictures. I only care to watch any awards shows to see what people are wearing & who won what. After a couple of years my brain caught on with the whole 'internet has everything within minutes' thing, so I no longer watch & just wait for someone to write about the results.

Sadly, I did this for Academy Awards show this year & missed hot aussie Hugh Jackman host a great show (thank goodness for youtube).

Anyway, I read the results of who won an Emmy this year & the only one's I'm happy about are Mad Men winning Best Drama Series, Toni Collette winning Best Actress for United States of Tara (love it!), & Michael Emerson winning Best Supporting Actor for LOST. After reading I moved onto the pictures...man, you'd think with all the money the stars make they could afford to purchase a mirror. There were some horrid looking dresses & some alright ones. I cant actually say that I have a best of the best dressed cause from what I saw, no one wore anything that had the WOW factor.

My picks for best dressed:

And, worst dressed:


  1. I agree. What the hell happened to Sarah Silverman? She looks awful!

  2. Drew Barrymore is so very adorable in her dress. She looks like a princess!

    I couldn't really decide which I found worse - Kyra Sedgwick or Sarah McLachlan.

  3. i missed out on the emmy's this year, but from the look of sarah silverman's dress i didn't miss a whole lot! yikes!!

  4. Me too, I really only watch for the fashion :) My vote for Best Dressed is Jennifer Love Hewett, her yellow gown and soft romantic hair, so pretty.

  5. dang i missed the emmys?? my life has been crazy...thank goodness for the internet!!


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