Tuesday, September 8, 2009

But I Washed My Face...

I completely forgot today was Tuesday. Normally I wouldn’t care what day it was except for the fact that I came to work dressed like I usually do on Mondays. Due to almost no one coming in on Monday’s because it’s their day off (we all work 4 days a week, some get Friday off & some get Monday), I usually…ok always, wear jeans, my work polo shirt, & my black converse on Monday's. I like to start the week off really casual & mellow like.

So like I was saying, no one’s ever here on Mondays except for me & two guys so I don’t really care if I wake up late & have to throw my hair into a bun. Well, while getting ready (really quickly because I woke up late) this morning I got dressed in my Monday attire. I should also note that I didn’t take a shower this morning (but I did take one last night), my work shirt is starting to fade from black to dirty gray, my converse are pretty ‘worn’ looking & I’m not wearing any make-up so I look like a zombie.

It really didn’t hit me that today was Tuesday until everyone in the office starting showing up & giving me the ‘wow, it must have been a really bad weekend’ look.

I really need to stay on top of my days. Maybe I’ll go buy a calander after work or something. I’ve been sitting at my desk typing like crazy & doing work like theres no tomorrow so they can at least see that even though I showed up looking all grungy I’m still working my ass off so maybe they wont fire me *fingers crossed*.

I got off the phone with Rusty a few minutes ago & as we were hanging up he says:

Rusty: Smell Ya Later…Me: You very well might be able to smell me right now from where I’m at ‘cause I didn’t shower today.Rusty: You’re gross...Me: Nuh uh, I washed my face so I'm sorta clean.
Rusty: Wha..no...You’re a disgusting person.

I then proceeded to laugh my ass off because he said it “Red’s” voice, from Pineapple Express. If you’ve seen it, you’ll know it’s from the scene where Saul & Dale show up at his house & he claims he has herpes instead of admitting that it’s a split lip. Saul then tells him that that’s disgusting cause they’ve shared joints before & Red says ‘Yeah, I know, I’m a disgusting person’, ha ha then Saul says ‘herpes is for life bro’.

Anyhoo…it’s pretty damn funny so if you’re not laughing maybe you just had to be there or you need to watch this:

via videosift.com

Tuesdays’ lesson: Shower no matter how late you’re gonna be & go to bed early instead of staying up reading blogs.

P.s. I dont really smell (at least I dont think I do).


  1. At least you got a lot of work done, right? Always look at the bright side! And now you have something to remember that work place by once you're old and gray and have had a lot of other jobs.

  2. Too funny! Last nite on fb I wrote how I kept thinking it was Sunday nite and today was Monday...haha!

    Glad I'm not the only one :)

  3. the good thing about being smelly... you usually can't smell yourself! LOL! I got mixed up yesterday as well! Sent my lil' girl to school with her gym uniform under her clothes (required on gym days, which are Mondays and Wednesdays)! She definitely let me know my HUGE mistake!