Thursday, September 10, 2009


Today is definitely one of those days when you wonder why you even bothered to get up. I've been slacking off a lot lately & waking up about 15-20 later than I usually do thinking that I can just speed through my shower & still get to work on time. Yeah, that hasn't happened so far.
My lil bro Seth has the flu & I think he might have passed it on to Rusty & I (we double dosed our vitamins, especially the C last night). We keep telling him that if he gave us his swine flu we're totally gonna kick his ass, ha ha. Regardless of having gone to bed last night at 9 pm I'm exhausted today. I took the day off work yesterday because my grams is in the hospital. She was born with a hole in her heart & over the years (she's 72) her heart has enlarged & so has the hole & it's not allowing her to receive enough oxygen to her heart or something. Her doctor is doing everything he can but due to her heart being so large & beating so rapidly they're afraid she might have a stroke or heart attack. They have her on meds so hopefully those will work.

We don't know how long she'll be kept in the hospital but personally I hope they keep her there for a couple of weeks so they can keep an eye on her & she can get away from all the shit at her house. While most seniors are enjoying their retirement years my grams is at home watching my aunts' & cousins' kids. And, I'm not just talking about 2 kids either. One aunt has 3 kids (ages 16, 12 & 12) & my cousin has 2 (ages 10 & 8). I cant completely blame those lazy asses them for it either because we've told my grams time & time again to have each one of them take their kids to day care or hire a babysitter but she swears that she can watch them & that in times like these it's difficult for them to spend any money on daycare. Its so freaking upsetting to watch someone you love kill themselves over people who don't care that you cant catch your breathe sometimes, you have dizzy spells all the time, you cant hold down food portions larger than a cup. And some of those kids...ugh they're monsters w/gigantic potty mouths.

I had to take the day off yesterday in order to go visit her during the day when I knew no other family members would be there. I'm afraid if I see any of them there I'll go off on them because it's so hypocritical of them to be at her side when she's ill but where were they when she needed a ride to the doctors office or needed someone to just sit with? I'm so frustrated & I hate that I have to be at work right now.

I feel like crap & today has sucked since very early this morning. It all started with me forgetting to put gas in my car last night so on top of running late this morning I had to stop & put gas, which only made me even later to work. I also lost my bank card two weeks ago & the bank has yet to send me a replacement so when I ran back into house to ask Rusty for his card, he couldn't find his wallet (although he was half asleep he did help me look). Since he couldn't find it I grabbed one of our other credit cards & when I got to the gas station & the card kept declining I realized I grabbed one of the cards that are maxed. Thank god I carpool with my mom & she had her bank card with her so she was able to lend me $25.

Ugh...I need a vacation so badly! I cant wait for today to be over. Rusty & I are planning on going to Disneyland tomorrow. I'm happy about that :)

We purchased annual passes on the monthly payment plan about 3 months ago & we've only used them about 4 times so it's about time we put them to good use. I've heard the summer crowd has died down a lot due to the kiddos having gone back to school so hopefully we'll be able to hang out there for more than an 2 hours, which is how long we're usually there before we get all frustrated & leave. I'll have to go home & look for Rusty's boon hat too, poor guy burns so easily. Maybe the thought of having a great tomorrow will brighten up my day. Just gotta keep thinking magical Disney thoughts....magical Disney thoughts...oh & the thought of buying a Dole Whip/Float for the first time...hm, I'm starting to feel better already!


  1. 1.) I am having the same kind of day, where all I can think of is "Seriously? I got outta bed for THIS?"
    2.) My annual pass for Disney just expired. I think I must have used it about 20 times, no joke. LOVE IT - and am trying really hard to rationalize renewing it ;)
    3.) Did you get the necklace in the mail yet? :)

  2. Aw, hon, hope you feel better soon!

    And so sorry about your grandma :( I hope she gets better soon.

    Have a fun weekend at Disney! Lucky girl!!


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