Thursday, August 13, 2009

Vault Confessions

Confession # 7:

I have this weird habit (aka: OCD) of sniffing a permanent marker every time I use one.

And, before anyone starts lecturing that sniffing markers could kill brain cells...I don't care. Ha ha, just kidding around. I'm aware you shouldn't sniff markers, paint, spray paint, etc & I in no way condone it. It's just something I do because of my OCD (& I guess I sorta like the smell too). I do a lot of strange things because of my OCD, like I have to put a line of ketchup on each french fry I eat. Yup, I can't dip the fry in ketchup, I have to line it. Strange, I know. Hey, I guess it's your lucky day cause I just confessed to 2 things :)

1 comment:

  1. LOL- it must take you AGES to eat french fries then, and a lot of ketchup.
    All innocent things though. I wouldn't go using markers too often. :0)


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