Sunday, August 2, 2009

Too Short

My days off went by SO quickly. I took Thursday off from work because we had our phone, cable & Internet installed in the new house & I had my normal Friday, Saturday & Sunday off but now it's Sunday & I feel like I haven't had any time to rest. On Friday, Rusty & I moved all of our bedroom furniture into the house. All that's left at the old house is Rusty's computer desk & a bunch of trash on his side of the room that he swears he'll pick up & go through sometime this week (god I hope this is true). When we first brought over our bedroom furniture we left it in the living room (disassemble) & only took our mattress into the room because our bed is HUGE.

The next morning I went to the market with my mom & when I got back Rusty had carried our ginormous bed up to the sec
ond floor (Surprise!). I was happy but couldn't believe he didn't wait until I was home to help him. It's now Sunday and we have most everything where it's supposed to be but there are a ton of little things laying around that I just don't want to deal with so I'm choosing to ignore them...temporarily.

My brother Joe decided to take a day off from catching 'bad' guys so he & Bonnie are coming over to visit in about an hour. I'm so not the hostess kind of girl so I hope they're not expecting me to 'entertain' them. I'm so tired. I'm sitting on the floor blogging & watching The Fifth Element (such a great movie, Milla Jovovich & Bruce Willis are such hotties!) because Rusty is playing WoW & has taken over 94% of the bed.

I think I have one more day of paid vacation before I'm completely out & I'm actually thinking about using it just so I don't have to go into work tomorrow & I can just veg in front of the TV all day ;)

We'll see...


  1. How exciting- a new house. Are you pleased with it?
    Enjoy your day if you decide to take it off.

  2. THANK you for stopping by!
    Moving is NEVER, EVER FUN!
    When we moved into our current home, I SWORE (out loud) that I'd never ever ever move again... at least not for 20 years or so!
    I hope I don't have to!
    Sounds like you guys got a lot done in one weekend!


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