Monday, August 17, 2009

Today's Starting To Look Up

I hate that Monday's the first day you have you to get super early after having a kick ass weekend. All I wanted to do is shut off the alarm & go back to bed. But I couldn't because I have way too many bills to pay.

My parents, brother & god-kids came over this weekend, which was nice, but decided to stay till today instead of leaving on Sunday like planned. Usually I wouldn't mind but it's difficult enough dragging myself out of bed & making it out the house by 5am in order to beat traffic, now imagine having to deal with a mom who's ALWAYS late everywhere, a 16yr old brother who doesn't like to wake up til past noon, a 9 yr old kid who brought his entire house with him & needs to pack it up again and a 3yr old who's still sleeping (I didn't mention my dad cause he's cool & always wakes up as early as I do so he didn't give me any problems). Anyhow, needless to say this morning was terribly hectic.

My mom calls me a drill Sgt. Lin cause I would randomly yell things like 'get your stuff, we're leaving in 10' and 'Ok, I'm turning the car on, everyone in in less than 5 or I'm leaving you here'. Ha ha...now that I'm thinking about it, it's pretty funny.

Luckily we didn't hit any traffic this morning (I guess everyone woke up late today) & I took the carpool lane so even though we left the house 15 minutes behind schedule I still made it to work on time, even after dropping them off at home (my dad drove their car to work).

I'm totally bummed that I didn't have time to watch the season 3 premier of Mad Men last night. I thought maybe I could force myself to stay up & watch it but Rusty wouldn't allow it (I feel like such a kid sometimes). He made me go to bed by 9, which I hated him for last night but am grateful for today.

I'm actually entertaining the idea of playing sick & going home early just to be able to watch Mad Men earlier than 6, which is when I get home...but I think I only have like 7hrs of sick time left & I'd hate to use them on playing sick. I guess I'll stick it out :(

On a happier note, I won one of the giveaways for Week 2 hosted by the design girl. She had so many entries that I never thought I'd win but I did & it totally brightened up my day. I won a necklace from ArtWark and there were two necklaces to choose from & I loved them both but I ended up choosing this one:

(Mother's Love Necklace)

Isnt's it beautiful? I love it ~

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  1. I am SUCH a drill sgt. in the mornings... I feel like I have to be in order to get everyone where they need to be and still kinda sorta get to work "on time" - whenever THAT is! Happy Tuesday!


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