Thursday, August 20, 2009

Throw The Book At Me

As I was leaving work this afternoon I got a call from my mom. She usually calls me to see what time I'm heading home so I didn't think anything about it until she said 'you got a letter from the Riverside Police Department'. What? Me? Huh.

Well, as it turns out...I failed to yield at a red light while making a right hand turn. Yup, I got a ticket. Not just any ticket though. I got a ticket from one (or 4) of those nifty little cameras they have all over the place now. I didn't even have the pleasure of getting pulled over by a hot cop or anything. Ugh! I so can't afford a ticket right now.

They sent me a couple of photos showing me 'not yielding' at the red light, you know...in case I forgot I broke the law. I was even able to watch a video of it happening so there's no way I can even try to contest it. Rusty & I saw it with our own eyes, it doesn't seem like I paused for the red but I swear I did and one of the pictures shows my brake lights on...anyway, I guess I have to deal with the consequences.

I've been doing some research & it's quiet possible I'll be paying up to $400 for not yielding. Yikes! That's a hefty fine for not pausing. That'll teach me to slow the eff down.


  1. Oh no! What a pain... not what you need. :0(

  2. Yuck! I hate getting those photo tickets. My pikepass didn't register on a toll road a few months ago and I got a ticket in the mail. Ugh.

  3. Those cameras are all over the place now! They are annoying too.


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