Thursday, August 13, 2009

So This Is What's Going On...

Today is my Friday & I couldn't be happier to be done with my work week. This week has gone by so slowly, it's insane. I think my daily commute is taking its toll on me. I look like hell. I haven't worn make-up in the last month or so & I have the worse bags under my eyes. The other day Rusty mentioned something about how it would be nice if I would wear make-up more often & I totally gave him the 'oh no you didn't just say that' look. Although, maybe I was too hard on him because I guess if I did put on some make-up then I wouldn't look so horrible.

Well, I guess I shouldn't get to excited about my week being over because technically it's only 8:30 & I still have to get through the rest of the day. I have to get a blood test done today during my lunch so my doctor can make sure my thyroid is under control (I was diagnosed with Graves Disease, aka: Hyperthyroidism, last year). I have to admit, I'm a little scared to go on my own. Usually Rusty goes into the room with me & holds my hand while they draw my blood because I'm a little afraid of needles. I guess I'm just gonna have to suck it up like a big girl.

My head is full of things I have to get done this weekend. The main thing is getting my butt to the post office & finally sending off our niece Lizardbreaths' bday gifts (her bday was in early July) & my swap buddy's gifts for the Favorite Things Swap. I totally could have/should have sent these things out earlier but I'm a total procrastinator.

Ugh...I'm starving & I have this delicious Gala apple sitting in front of me, staring at me, I can hear it saying 'eat me, you know you want to'. I had to fast because of the blood test so I didnt get to eat breakfast this morning. I'm sorry stomach, only 2 hours to go & I can eat something...only 2 more hours...

On a non-whiny note, I read on perezhilton that King of Hill is ending it's run after 13 seasons (sad face). I was never a fan of this show until Rusty kept leaving it on while he showered or something & then I started getting into it. It's actually pretty funny in a dry kind of humor way. I'm a little bummed that it's not gonna be on anymore & somehow American Dad is still going to be on the air. I just don't get that show. Its. So. Dumb.

If you're a fan, here's a little 411 on the last episode which is set to air Sunday, September 13 @8pm on FOX:

In the hour long season finale titled 'The Boy Can't Help It/The Honeymooners', Bobby is given a hard time by girls in his class who feign interest in taking him as a date to the Homecoming dance. Also included is a shotgun marriage by Hank's mom, who celebrates her honeymoon in an RV on the way to the Hill household. When the matriarch and her new husband have an argument, she heads off in the trailer and Hank must do damage control.

Also, if you're a Mike Judge (creator of King of the Hill) fan you might want to check out his new show, The Goode Family. Rusty started DVR-ing it & it's pretty good. It's about this family who is all about saving the environment but every time they do something good it seems to have a bad outcome. It's pretty funny. The show airs every Friday on ABC @ 8:30/7:30c. This Friday, the Goodes adopt a highway and end up in a turf war with Neo-Nazi prisoners...sounds pretty funny to me.

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  1. I'm so sad King of the Hill is ending! I never remember to watch the new episodes, but I do like to watch the re-runs on adult swim every night. Hope the doctor's visit goes well! :)


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