Wednesday, August 26, 2009

(Late) Favorite Movie Tuesday

*I'm a day late but I'm still posting it. I had it half done yesterday but didnt have time to finish the post til this morning.

This weeks' movie pick is:

I used to think Step Brothers was the dumbest movie ever! Rusty & I rented this movie one night & I expected it to be hilarious but it wasnt. Well, not at first anyway.

I was so disappointed after watching it & I remember Rusty saying 'this is just like Talladega Nights, you didnt like that one in the beginning either but you'll come around'. He was so smug about it & I was like 'Nu uh...not this one!'. Well, hot damn, he was right. After watching this movie for the 5 time, I loved it. I watched it last night before going to bed & I laughed my ass off!

One of my favorite parts is when Dale's in the kitchen with his dad (before Nancy & Brennen get to their house) and he tells his dad ' Suppose Nancy sees me coming out of the shower and decides to come on to me. I'm looking good, got a luscious V of hair going through my chest pubes down to my ball fro. She takes one look at me and goes " Oh my god, I've had the old bull now I want the young calf" and she grabs me by the weinus'.

Ha ha, cracks me up everytime. Even Rusty has taken up using the word 'weinus'. Actually, he & Seth (my lil bro) go around quoting parts of this movie randomly throughout the day, it's bound to get old but right now it's pretty funny.

I'm a huge fan of both Will Farrell & John C. Reilly (who I absolutley loved in Chicago & The Good Girl) so I'll watch just about anything their both in. Check it out if you haven't seen it & if you dont like it after the first time just keep watching, it'll grow on you ;)


Brennan Huff, a sporadically employed thirty-nine-year-old, lives with his mother, Nancy. Dale Doback, a terminally unemployed forty-year-old lives with his father, Robert. When Robert and Nancy marry and move in together, Brennan and Dale are forced to live with each other as step brothers. As their narcissism and downright aggressive laziness threaten to tear the family apart, these two middle-aged, immature, overgrown boys will orchestrate an insane, elaborate plan to bring their parents back together. To pull it off, they must form an unlikely bond that maybe, just maybe, will finally get them out of the house.

Movie trailer for your enjoyment:


  1. i LOVE that quote!!! i can't stop laughing!! weinus.....classic!! i have never seen this, but i totally wanted to!! thanks for the wrap up.. ha, now i'm gonna say weinus all day


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