Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'd Rate It: NC-17

I was reading the news (aka: gossip, via dlisted.com) and came across a story about some dude in the UK having some kind of issue with this picture that was on a candy wrapper:

'Hey, what do you taste like?' . .'I wonder if I can fit you in there?'

It seems that this somewhat older & very proper man (see what I mean by reading story here) walked into a mini mart to buy his kids some candy & after buying them this candy he was shocked at the ‘pornographic poses’ the fruit were in. Ha ha.. his wife was so upset that the fruit were doing sexy times on the wrapper that she ‘became quite distressed & had to sit down in the car park’.

Dude, it’s like 1952 in the UK. Come on, really? If they think that’s bad they really need to stay away from the internet & Henta (if you don’t know what it is, don’t google it, it’s too weird *shaking head*).

Maybe we’re just really desensatized in the US or something cause that’s like whatever to me. I mean, is it appropriate for a candy wrapper, probably not but most kids wouldn’t even put it together. I think what bothers me the most about it is the look on the limes face...that's just a creepy 'I know your watching & I dont care' look. Eww.

Side note:
I couldn’t remember for the life of me what cartoon porn (think salor moon stuff) was called so I had to text Rusty & ask him, not that he watches it but he’s an endless pit of useless knowledge & this was how it went down:

Me: hey babe, what was that weird salor moon porn stuff called? The stuff Japanese wierdos like…
Rusty: That’s not something I want to tell you, freak……
Me: LMAO…I just want to know the name, not watch it
Rusty: Henta…or Hentai
Me: K, thanks. Love you.

I can’t even imagine whats going through his head as to why his wife wanted to know this. Maybe I’ll explain later…or not.

2nd side note:
I meant no offense to any japanese wierdos. I don’t judge!


  1. I'm giggling away here reading your post in bed. My children love those sweets and I've never noticed those saucy fruit pictures before. I will never be able to look at them again without giggling.

  2. Animated porn?? Those packages don't look that terrible to me? Maybe I am desensitized, lol!

  3. I thought the UK was less sensitive about that kind of stuff! That is pretty um, interesting, art for candy. Unintentional? Not so much? No idea!


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