Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hey...That's Mine

My mom just called me from my grandma’s house to ask me if I still wanted my bike.

…I have a bike?

I remember Rusty & I bought bikes like 4 years ago when we had this crazy plan to start riding down the Santa Ana River trail (only happened twice) and then I remember sticking it the garage somewhere, never to be seen again. I could have sworn my dad tossed it when he cleaned out the garage but my mom just informed me that my grandpa took it and put it into his garage cause he thought my dad was crazy for tossing it.

Anyway, now that we’re moving my grandparents are rummiging through our stuff & my grandpa has taken the liberty of giving stuff that is still in our backyard away without asking us. Well the dilio is that my gramps has given away my bike to…his brother…? I mean I know I wasn’t even aware I had a bike anymore & I probably won’t ride it but, dude I still paid for it.

FYI: My gramps’s brother is like 59 years old, has no young kids & is seperated. What the hell does he want with a baby blue girls’ mountain bike? I know…crazy & creepy. I told my mom that I’d pick it up after work & not to let him have it cause it’s not my gramps to give away.

Wow…I know he’s my grampa but where does he get off giving it away? Oh, and my mom also informed me that it isn’t the first thing he tried giving away either. He also tried giving away her stove (she just bought a new one) to some other family member. WTF? My grampa’s nuts, I’m totally gonna sell that thing on Craigslist!

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  1. I have a bike that I never get to ride...But that doesn't mean I'm willing to part with it either lol! I'll just keep it until we move to a biking friendly area.


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