Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What's For Dinner?

Rusty made a Pot Roast for dinner tonight. I'd never had Pot Roast until I met Rusty & OMG...I don't know how I lived 26 years without tasting this deliciousness!

He began preparing it last night at 9pm & put it into the crock-pot to start cooking at 11:30. He likes to make his Pot Roast in the crock-pot because it doesn't take too much work (all you have to do is turn it on) & the meat comes out so juicy. He lets it cook for 10-12 whole hours & in the end you get GREATNESS.

Here are some pictures of the prepping:

And, here's the outcome (it was so Yummy!)

Personally, I think the crock-pot is one of the greatest things ever invented. Rusty says he's going to be attempting to make home-made chili from scratch next. I'll have let you all know how it comes out, maybe I'll steal the recipe & post it if it's any good ;)


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