Thursday, July 30, 2009

Vault Confessions

Confession #5:

I have this pair of Dr. Martin boots that I can't/won't throw away. I've had them for 7 years & they're all beat up but they're my favorite boots.

Rusty's always giving me shit because he says their
dyke (no offense to the gay community, we love you guys)/white prider boots. He once said he was going to buy me red laces to wear with them & like a dumb ass I said 'good I like red'. He then informed me that white pride members wear red laces with their docs after they've spilled blood for their race...wtf?

Anyway, I won't be sporting any other laces than black but I also won't be throwing them away :P

note: they're not this new, they're more 'worn in' looking.


  1. KEEP THEM! I wish I still had mine.

  2. i used to have some of those!
    they were so comfy!


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