Thursday, July 23, 2009

Vault Confessions

Confession #4:

I despise doing the laundry.

I have two huge trash bags full of dirty laundry sitting outside of our bedroom door that I'm supposed to wash before we start packing our clothes for Friday's move. I've been using the 'I ran out of laundry detergent' excuse for a couple of days now & I don't think Rusty's buying it anymore. I guess I'll finally have to give in & make a laundry detergent run to Target tomorrow...ugh.

Laundry...you dirty thing...you win again.


  1. I despire laundry also!! I have so much to do before we leave for vacation on Saturday. When I win the lottery the very first thing I'm doing is hiring a laundress. Either that or I'll just go out shopping every week for new clothes and donate the worn dirty ones.

  2. Me too! I hate laundry too. HATE! But I pretty much hate all chores.

  3. See, the only reason I like doing laundry is because I hate when Kevin does the laundry. How can someone mess up while doing laundry? Kevin just always does SOMETHING wrong, whether it's forgetting a softener sheet, fading something, leaving damp clothes in the dryer, or somehow making everything extremely wrinkly...

    Drives me off the wall!


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