Saturday, July 25, 2009

Procrastination At It's Worst

We're still in process of moving things into the new house & I feel like it's taking forever to do it all. I'm going at like snail speed. It's 12:49pm & Rusty is still asleep (granted, he's sorta had a stomach bug) and I'm sitting in bed catching up on all of yesterday blog posts. I'm a total procrastinator.

I have almost everything packed up but it's all the little things that I just can't go through. I feel like I'm moving one thing out and then there's 4 to take it's place. We can technically stay in our current house for about another month or so and I think that's why I'm not in a hurry to move things over asap. So far we've taken a bunch of stuff that was crammed into our lil bedroom closet, some pictures, a
nd bathroom stuff but that's it. The new house is about 45 minutes away from our current house and from where I work so we're not moving our bedroom furniture yet. I spent the entire day yesterday at the new house (half of it without air conditioning due to having no electricity yet) and had to wait for all of our utilities to be turned on. It was about 101 degrees but luckily it stayed about 70 in the house. As soon as the electicity was turned on Rusty turned the air conditioner on & lowered the temp to 55 degrees...it was GREAT! The thing that wasn't great...having to give a deposit on everything! The first months bills are going to make me cry I'm sure.

Today I'm packing our car full of more pictures, nick-knacks, and blankets. I was going to have Rusty pack up our printer & his X-Box but last time I brought it up he said he didn't want to take anything of value over there since we're not living there yet & our security system isn't set up yet. I was also hoping to take our TV & it's stand but I just remembered that we don't have the cable set up & if I take my TV then I can't watch my DVR'd shows here at home. And, lord knows I cant miss True Blood, Weeds & Nurse Jackie. I guess I have no other option then to go at snail speed due...oh well.

Ugh...and then I have a huge list of things I have to buy for the new house but can't because it's not payday yet & I only have about $85 right now. Sucks big time to be broke :(

BTW, did I mention I hate moving!


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