Monday, July 6, 2009

The Plan For Today

It's the last day of my 5 day vacation...bummer. I woke up an hour ago (11am) and I'm still sitting in bed watching Seinfeld re-runs. I think Rusty's in the kitchen making a hamburger or something but I know as soon as he walks into this room he's going to wonder why I'm not getting ready. I had promised him we'd go to Disneyland yesterday but I weaseled my way out of it at the last minute and promised we'd go today. I don't think he's gonna let me get out of it this time.

I'm actually somewhat excited about going, mostly because I don't just want to sit at home and do nothing on my last day of vacation. The thing I am dreading is it's supposed to be 83 degrees today and the crowds
of out of state tourist with their munchkins in huge strollers rolling over your toes doesn't make it any better. My bro Joe always tell me 'if you can't stand it then just don't go' and I can understand what he's saying but we still can't stay away.

So, I'm off to get in the shower before Rusty comes in here and give me that look. I bet once we get there we'll go on like two rides and decide to come home...I better pack the sunblock too 'cause those lines can get pretty long, last time Rusty didn't use sunblock he got blisters...ouch!

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  1. I love Seinfeld, reruns never get old! People keep asking what we're naming our baby and we always reply "Seven" or "Bosco". Only a few get it, but it makes us laugh!


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