Monday, July 27, 2009

The Meanest Mom: Shabby Apple Dress Giveaway!

The Meanest Mom is currently hosting a fantastic giveaway! She's currently giving away this beautiful dress:
(compliments of Shabby Apple)

This dress is called the Jackie O & I swear it's the cutest dress ever. It's so hard for me to find dresses that don't make me look frumpy or hug too tightly around the shoulders so most of my dresses have buttons in the front (this way I can wear a shirt underneath & leave a button open if it's tight. Sadly, I have a football players shoulders). According to The Meanest Mom (who received a complimentary dress) it's a really nice blend of cotton/spandex, & it's really light & breathable (which means you won't sweat up a storm in it).

The giveaway ends Friday, July 31 at midnight so stop by her blog & enter for a chance to win this very cute dress!


  1. Hi Lin
    Love the dress.
    I have tagged you in a Meme to describe yourself in seven words.
    By the way one of my words is Procrastinate by coincidence.
    Chic Mama :0)


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