Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July everyone!

I had a great day today. Joe, Bonnie, Em, Kermit, & our god-kids Goober & Tickle Monster came over to the house and we had a BBQ. Rusty grilled some awesome burgers & made his famous fruit salad, Em made potato & pasta salad, Joe & Bonnie brought over the sodas and we all sat outside eating way too much and catching up on gossip. It was fun!

My bro Joe had to work the graveyard shift tonight and he was not looking forward to it because of all the morons that think it's cool to shoot their gun into the air instead of just going inside when they finish setting off their fireworks. Hopefully Joe won't have any issues tonight and he'll make it home safe.

So, it's now 11pm and I'm on the couch watching The Smoking Gun Presents: Worlds Dumbest Partiers 3...OMG...they're not kidding. They're Really dumb. I just watched a guy, at a house party, super glue duct tape to his scalp and once it was dry...had his friend pull it off. Gross! He literally got scalped.

Why is alcohol legal but weed isn't? If they had been high on pot and not drunk the most they would have done is wobble their asses to the kitchen for another bag of Doritos and Dr. Pepper.


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