Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Hangover Without The Drinking

I have the worst headache...it's like a hangover headache but without the drinking. I think I may need new glasses soon. I think I might possibly be losing my eyesight by the minute...sad.

Other than my ginormous headache, I'm feeling pretty good cause today is my Friday. I have the next 5 days off and I am so excited to not have to wake up at 7am to go to work. I was planning on going to the movies at some point in the next 5 days to watch The Proposal but I ended up doing that yesterday. If you haven't seen the movie, I totally recommend it. It's sort of a chick flick but not the kind of movie a guy couldn't appreciate (Rusty loved it cause Sandra Bullock was semi-nekid in the movie).

BTW, if you're ever in Anaheim you HAVE to stop by CINEMAFUSION Theaters at the Gardenwalk (near Disneyland). This theater is amazing. They have one side of the theater completely designated for adult 21+ (that means booze in the movie theater...SWEET!). This section has a bar, lounge with windows overlooking the city and the theaters on this side include leather recliner type seats or large over sized rocking chair type seats. And, of course the other side of the theater is for everyone under 21/parents who want to take the kiddos. I can't really give a review on that side cause I haven't tried it out but I'm sure it's just as nice, but kiddo friendly (no leather recliner type seating). Anyway, it makes for a great date-night place.

I decided I deserved to go to the movies after the morning I'd had yesterday...wow. Let me do a run down for you:

I went to to sleep around midnight on Monday. Got woken up by my Pops at 3am. Momma Syl (my mom) was sick and need to go to the hospital. I'm the oldest child (aka:most responsible, even though I have a brother who's a Cop-er) so of course it's up to me to go with her & make sure the hospital doesn't kill her on accident. We make it to the hospital (3 cities away cause Momma Syl doesn't trust any other hospital) and we wait 30 minutes to get called into the damn nurses station. Rude-Nurse finally puts Momma Syl in a room after 50 minutes of waiting, takes her to get a CAT scan and then finally gives her a serious cocktail of pain meds (she's down for the count). By this time we've been in the hospital for 3 hours. I'm stuck reading one of Rusty's Zombie books because I finished my book two days ago and the doctor has no idea what's wrong with Momma Syl cause the CAT scan shows nada. She finally pee-pee's in a cup and after 6 hours we find out she has a UTI infection that got so bad it inflamed her kidney. Wow...what-the-eff...why didn't they just have her pee-pee in the cup when we first got there? I'm not a nurse, nor do I want to be one and I have serious respect for them (Rusty mom's an RN & I love HBO's Nurse Jackie) but really, it took you 6 hours to decide it was a good idea to have her pee in a cup? Personally, I think they just wanted to charge her insurance company up the wahoo for the CAT scan instead of doing a pee-pee test which I'm sure is only like $12.

Needless to say as soon as we got home (10am) I went straight to bed and slept til 3pm. What a day...so I rewarded my kind-heartedness (for waking up after only 3 hours of sleep, calling in sick to work & going to the hospital with Momma Syl for 6.5 hours) by going to watch a movie at the kick ass theater with my bro Joe and his fiance Bonnie (they remind Rusty & I of Joe & Bonnie from Family Guy, not that my bro is handicapped or anything but he's a Cop/total control freak and his fiance isn't preggers either but she's pretty/sorta ditsy).

Wow, that reminds me...I need to lay off the pizza, ice cream, bagels, and hamburgers cause their wedding is in like 6 months. There is no way I want to be that girl...the FAT BRIDESMAID (all the other bridesmaids are rail thin).

That's it. The gym is my new best friend...or at least the friend you call when everyone else is busy.


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