Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Got Ripped Off & Didn't Even Know It

I've had the hardest time picking which cable company to go with for new service at the new house. We had Time Warner Cable about 2 years ago & then switched over to AT&T-Uverse (which I love) & we've been with them for the past 2 years or so. But, now that we're moving to what seems to be the dessert (it was 103 on Sunday), I have to go back to either Time Warner Cable or Verizon because AT&T hasn't set up their fiber optic cable thingy out in Perris yet.

I called Time Warner & some customer service girl in Louisiana told me I'd have to put in my order before she could give me a price on their bundle package (phone, cable, Internet). What? That's just dumb. No thanks.

So, I called Verizon yesterday & they had a Fios bundle package for $119, plus you got to choose between a free 10 inch Compaq mini-laptop (you pay shipping & tax), a mini camcorder (3 GB), or $30 off your bill for 6 months. Pretty good deal right? Yeah, that's what I thought. So, I put in the order. By the end I realized I'm not going to be paying anywhere near the $119 but closer to $200. WOW! And, like a dumb ass I decided against the laptop & the mini camcorder and decided to get $30 off for 6 months (bill drops to like $153). I'm kicking my self for not taking that laptop (Rusty wasn't too happy either)!

Anyway, I neglected to remember that they charge you for every cable box you have connected to a TV (I ordered 1 DVR & 3 regular) and you have to order all movie channels separately. And of course I had to order HBO (can't miss Big Love or True Blood) and Showtime (also can't miss Weeds, Nurse Jackie, Hung, Dexter, etc) so the sales girl supposedly hooked me up with some deal that will get me Showtime, Flix, TMC, Starz, Sundance, IFC (?), & HBO for $25. But looking at the total package price, I think I got ripped off big time.

I guess I'm just glad it's done (even if it is super expensive). They're supposed to install everything tomorrow so I'm taking the day off work to go make sure everything is installed in the correct place. It's not that I don't trust Rusty but he'll be like 'um...yeah I guess you could install it there since she didn't say she didn't want it there'. I'm just super anal & have major OCD when it comes to how I want things done so I'd rather just be there. The good news, tomorrow I get to sleep in late at a house that has central AC...no sweating while I sleep :)

So much for being on a budget. It's expensive being addicted to the Internet & cable...

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  1. I hate figuring all that out! I make hubby do it and he's switched us 100 times!!


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