Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Favorite Movie Tuesday

This weeks movie pick is one that I never thought I'd like. I remember seeing the preview & thinking 'OMG, that's so gonna suck'. Rusty wanted to go watch it at the theater for kicks but I wasn't having it.

A couple months later it came out on DVD & Rusty made me watch it, saying 'we've watched worse, remember Chupacabra? You'll get a laugh out of it'. (Note: Rusty rented Chupacabra a couple of years ago & it was the WORST movie ever! I swear it was like someone wrote the entire movie o
n a napkin & then taped it in their back yard. We still laugh about how horrible it was.)

So I watched the movie & ended up loving it. I thought it was so funny (not pee yourself funny but still funny) & cheesy. I'm a total fan of Elizabeth Banks (40yr old virgin, Zack & Miri make a porno, W) & Nathan Fillion (Waitress, Desperate Housewives, Castle *one of the best shows*) & they're great in this quirky horror movie. There are stupid sexual innuendos throughout the movie, it's not really a movie you want to take seriously because it's supposed to be sorta dumb.

My favorite part is when the Mayor gets all pissed because Bills secretary (played by Jenna Fischer) forgets to pack his favorite soda, Mr. Pibb. It's so funny...it's totally something Rusty would be all upset about even if the world was being overpowered by alien slugs. I recorded it to our DVR a couple of nights ago so I'll have it playing on the TV at random times throughout the day. Rusty can recite almost all of it now, haha. Oh, and if you keep watching until the credits end there's an extra scene to the movie.

Movie synopsis:
Rural tycoon Grant Grant (
Michael Rooker) is infected by a malevolent extraterrestrial creature that threatens to destroy the human race. Soon, unusual things begin to happen within the normally peaceful town of Wheelsy, South Carolina. Pets go missing, followed by livestock, and finally people, with all of it leading back to Grant. As Grant slowly mutates into a hideous creature, his wife Starla (Elizabeth Banks) begins to notice her husband's behavior and physical changes. Wheelsy's citizens are infected by the alien parasite plague, which is transforming them into zombies. The zombies are being controlled through a hive mind relationship with Grant. A small group of survivors led by the town's sheriff, Bill Pardy (Nathan Fillion), try to prevent the parasites from spreading. When the heroes discover the zombies can be traced back to Grant, they realize they need to kill him.


  1. One of the worst movies I have seen is Glitter with Mariah Carey - awful!

  2. Brenda- I totally agree with you. It's almost as bad as Britney Spears' movie Crossroads. Horrible!



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