Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Favorite Movie Tuesday

My movie pick for this week is one of the funniest movies I've ever seen! Lately I've been watching it during my lunch breaks & let it play while I fall asleep. Rusty said I've actually laughed out loud in my sleep while it was playing, he was like WTF?

Rusty & I went to go see this movie on opening night with Joe & Bonnie. I remember laughing throughout the entire thing because Rusty is a lot like Dale & Saul. I was never a big fan of James Franco but he totally pulled off the whole stoner persona & was actually pretty funny. Most of the laughs are due to him or Danny McBride. Not that I'm saying Seth Rogen wasn't funny, because he was, but he's more of the subtle funny not the 'hahahaha...omg I just peed a little 'cause I laughed so hard' funny.

I don't really have a favorite part of this movie because the movie in general is one big lump of funny. But if I had to choose a scene I'd choose the whole fight scene between Dale, Saul & Red. It's so classic! There's junk kicking, ash tray throwing, head bashing, bong breaking, and herpes spitting...everything that constitutes a great fight scene, lol.


  1. That movie was absolutely hilarious xoxoxo

  2. Have to see it! Never even heard of it!

  3. That movie was hysterical! Have you seen Role Models? You'd like it.

  4. I actually watched Role Models a couple of weeks ago & I thought it was hilarious!

    Its definetly become a favorite.



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