Monday, June 22, 2009

What A Weekend

Sometimes I wish I had more than 3 days off. I know that I get 1 more day off than most Americans but I swear it isn't enough. I planned to wash all of our dirty laundry at some point this weekend and guess what... Yup, it's still there, dirty, sitting right next to the washer just waiting to get washed. Luckily my boss is on vacation this week so I can get away with wearing jeans & sandals today. Rusty keeps telling me I'm gonna get fired one day for coming into work looking like a bum (I hope he's not right). Looking back I really don't understand what I did all weekend that took up all my time because from what I recall I didn't do much at all...hmm...

Friday - I woke up around 9am, got ready to pay bills because it was payday (sadly, I have no more money *sad face* & it's only Monday). I went to the bank, got back home & woke up Rusty so we could make a trip out to Hollywood (No, it wasn't a fun trip either. I hate the 101 fwy & the traffic on Hollywood Blvd sucks butt. There's always someone trying to jump in front of your car!). We got back home around 3pm, I read my Sookie Stackhouse book for a while. Then Rusty & I went out in search for one of his books by R.A. Salvatore (which they didn't have in stock) at the Barnes & Noble in Orange and that's pretty much it for Friday...

Saturday - I woke up around 10am, hung out with my mom & pops for a while. I remember reading my book for about an hour...it must have been at least 1pm by then. I woke Rusty up (did I mention he's an insomniac so while I sleep he's up doing stuff. After 6 years I'm still not used to it). I mentioned I was hungry so we both sat around debating on what to eat for about an hour. Our original plan was to go to the movies & watch The Proposal or The Hangover but my hunger pains took over & we ended up going to Denny's (they have the a Value Slam for $3.99 everyday now through June 30) they with my lil bro Seth & his buddy Evan (if you've watched SuperBad you'd know why I've given them these names). We went back home, read some more of my book, went back out to look for Rusty's book (this time in Fullerton), went shopping at Target for our niece Lizardbreaths' birthday present (she'll be 6 in July) & went back home.

Sunday - I woke up around 12 noon, took a shower, woke up Rusty so we could go out to find my pop's fathers day gift (he wanted the movie:Friday. For some reason he thinks this is the funniest movie around. Well, with the exception of National Lampoons: Vegas Vacation). So Rusty & I first went to Best Buy. We found the movie but since it's such an old movie I expected it to be around $5 or at least $7.99 but it wasn't. It was $9.99...I wasn't about to pay $9.99 for a movie made in 1995. So of course, I didn't buy it there. I decided that if a movie was going to be cheap I would definitely find it at Walmart. So, off we went. Now, I know most people hate Walmart, Rusty has a cousin who won't touch anything bought from Walmart, but me...I don't really care as long as it's cheap. So, we enter the endless pit of zombie people at Walmart & come to find out that they don't have it. I couldn't believe it! I was so mad that I was ready to just hand my dad $20 & say 'sorry, go find it yourself' but Rusty says 'relax lets just go to Target'. We get to Target & go straight to the DVDs. Rusty & I split up but he's only able to find the sequel. I'm ready to leave & Rusty goes off into different sections & is looking around like they're gonna actually put a movie in the books section...haha. There I am thinking 'he's so never going to find it' & within a few minutes he comes back & hands me...Friday. But, not only does this case have Friday in it, it has Friday, Next Friday, Friday After the Next & All About the Benjamin's. Wow, 4 movies! So, needless to say my pops got his movie (plus 3) & I didn't have spend more than $10, YAY me (& Rusty too)! As soon as we got home we gave pops his gift, ate, watched Training Day with Seth & then read some more.

That was the end of my boring weekend. Rusty wanted to go to Disneyland but I had remind him that you kind of need this little thing called MONEY to buy tickets. I also had to inform him that his good looks wouldn't be enough to get us tickets...but maybe next payday we'll have extra money & we'll be able to have a whole fun filled YEAR of DISNEYLAND! Woohoo!

Reading this post I have come to the conclusion that I:
  1. spend too much money.

  2. read my book way too much.

  3. PROCRASTINATE. I so could've done the laundry at any point this weekend. I just kept finding other stuff to do instead *shrug*.


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