Thursday, June 25, 2009

Vault Confessions

Due to the fact that my life hasn't really been too exciting lately I don't have to much to blog about today. Hopefully this weekend will be somewhat eventful & I can come back and blog about something kick ass (or at least mediocre).

So, today I am introducing....

The way it goes is I'll confess something new every Thursday. They'll be things about myself that most don't know or things that I have done in the past/present that I may or may not be very proud of. And, If you feel like it feel free to join in and leave your confession in a comment.

Confession #1:

I'm addicted to Gerber Bananas baby food. I love it! Every time I go to the market/store I have to buy some. And, I love that it's now packaged in a nameless container that way no one really nows what I'm eating, hehe. I've often wondered if Gerber would sell it to me by the gallon...


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