Wednesday, June 24, 2009

JOIN...Favorite Things Swap

This is sooo COOL! I was catching up on some of the blogs I follow and it turns out that Kelly from According-to-Kelly is having her 3rd Annual Favorite Things Swap.
This will be the first year I participate in it (because I'm a blog newb) but it sounds like so much fun...I definitely recommend you join in.

According-to-Kelly says "it's really quite simple: as a participant, you will be asked to choose at least three objects (i don't think anyone would mind if you decide to send more) that are some of YOUR favorite things to send to your partner... maybe it's an apron you made, your new favorite book, or that favorite flavor of lip gloss. Be creative & most importantly have fun with it! Objects can be new or vintage, bought or handmade... just remember, it is best to send something the you'd be pleased & excited to receive yourself."

If you're interested in participating click on the title of my post or click here for more information. Sign ups will be open until Friday, July 3rd so go sign up!

It's like having a pen pal but instead of receiving letters in the mail you'll get gifts! YAY GIFTS!


  1. I remember having a pen pal when I was young! Thanks for the memory! Although I've been blogging for a while, this is my first swap, too! And I'm so excited!!!

  2. This is a fun swap, I joined last year for the first time and am now blog buddies with my swap partner. Fun to see what people send/receive. Glad you joined!


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