Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It Hurts So Good...True Blood

If you haven't seen True Blood on HBO, you are missing out on one of the greatest shows around. For some reason I have always had this infatuation with Vampires, not that I'm some sort of goth or anything but the whole Vampire thing has always been really interesting to me. I started watching this show after the first season finished so I was able to watch every episode back to back on On-Demand. After watching season 1, I was itching for more. So...I went out and bought the Sookie Stackhouse books (so far, I'm on book 5) by Charlaine Harris, and I can't believe how awesome they are!

The show is set in Bon Temp, Louisiana and the world now knows that Vampires exist. It turns out a Japanese scientist has invented synthetic blood so Vampires no longer have to feed off of humans. Vampires are now living among humans around the world. There's a local waitress, Sookie Stackhouse, who has always felt like an outcast because of her ability to listen to people's thoughts. She's really open minded about the integration of Vampires and comes to meet Vampire-Bill Compton. Basically they fall in love but there is always something going on around them that will put their love to the test.

It's not really that much of a 'love' story than it is a 'love story with a lot of action' around it. Usually when I get into a show I don't expect 'Rusty' to like it but to my surprise he's really into this show...I wonder if the sex scenes have anything to do with it?

Anyhow, in case you care to know, here's a list of the main characters and a little bit about them:

  1. Sookie Stackhouse - 26 years old, telepathic virgin and had never had a bf before Bill. Works at Merlottes bar, and uses her cool mind reading ability to help solve murders & stuff.

  2. Bill Compton - 173 year old Vampire, falls in love with Sookie & becomes her bf. Is 'mainstreaming' (living like a human & doesn't feed off humans), fought in the Civil War before he was turned into a Vampire by Lorena.

  3. Eric Northman - A very old & hot Nordic Vampire who is infatuated with Sookie. Is Sheriff of Area 5 (Bon Temp), owns the bar Fangtasia.

  4. Jason Stackhouse - Is about 29 years old, Sookies older brother, and is Bon Temps hot bachelor. He was addicted to V (Vampire Blood) and was suspected to be a serial killer.

  5. Sam Merlotte - Is about 30 years old, owns Merlottes Bar where Sookie works as a bar maid. Has a bit of a crush on Sookie, had a relationship with Tara & is a Shape-shifter.

  6. Tara Thorton - Sookie's BFF, had an alcoholic mother who never cared for her, is the bartender at Merlottes. Was infatuated with Jason but had a brief relationship with Sam. After being arrested for DUI she is now living with Maryanne.

  7. Lafayette Reynolds - Is the short-order cook at Merlottes, is homosexual & doesn't care who knows. Used to deal V (Vampire Blood), had a porn website of himself, slept with men for money and is Tara's cousin.

  8. Maryanne Forrester - Is a stranger to most except Sam, who she slept with when he was 17, and Tara, who is now living in her mansion. All we know is that she is some sort of supernatural...but which kind?

  9. Arlene Fowler - Works at Merlottes with Sookie and Tara. Has been married and divorced 3 or 4 times, has two kids (1 boy & 1 girl). She was engaged to Rene Lenier who turned out to be a serial killer.

  10. Detective Andy Bellefleur - Is a Detective in Bon Temp, his family used to be really rich, is a bit of a drinker and acts like a hard ass.

  11. Jessica Hamby - Is 17 years old, Bill turned her into a Vampire as punishment for killing one of his own in order to save Sookie. She is immature and is not happy about having to 'mainstream' like Bill (since he's her maker she must learn from him).

  12. Lorena - She is Bills' maker. We really don't know anything about her yet but I'm sure we'll get to know her better this season...

Having read some of the books I'm hoping they'll incorporate a lot more of the stories into the show because they're great. So far the writers have done a great job of merging the first book with the show and I cant wait to see where the new season takes us. It's on every Sunday at 10pm (pacific time) on HBO.


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