Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Just Wanted To Read

I love to read. When I read I like to be left alone. I don't mind if there's people around me talking or whatever, just as long as you don't talk to me. Now, I understand that I'm not wearing a sign on my back that reads 'If I'm Reading, Don't Bother Me' but if I'm not making an effort to involve myself in the things going on around me it usually means I'm not interested in it/them. The reason I'm saying all this is due to something that happened to me on Monday night.

To begin let me say that Rusty has a talent for painting tiny models, he's great at it. It's one of many hobbies that he enjoys doing so he somewhat regularly visits this store at The Block in Orange called Games Workshop. For anyone who cares, this store sells miniature models (which you have to paint yourself), along with various accessories to help you build your army of...well this depends on what game you'll be playing...you have the option of playing Warhammer 40K, Warhammer Fantasy, or Lord of the Rings (I swear Rusty isn't a LARP'er or anything). Once you build an army you then set up battles with other players.

If you're laughing right now and thinking to yourself 'Wow, she's married to a nerd!', I really don't blame you. When I first went into this store I thought 'there's NO WAY he's going to play this, this is for GEEKS'. That was about 8 months ago and yes, he plays this game and yes he's a bit of a nerd (but doesn't look like one at all. Think burly bouncer with tattoos & piercings).

Okay, back to my story...so Rusty had finished painting his war boss (he plays Warhammer 40K, Orks) about a week ago and wanted to show it off so when Mandals (a guy who plays the game with Rusty but wears man-sandals w/socks, hence his nickname) texted him to see if he wanted to join a game, he was up for it. We get to the store (I'm there for moral support) and while he starts setting up his army I find myself a nice little spot to in the corner to stand and read. After reading for about half an hour...

Rusty says - 'Why are you standing, go sit at the painting table and read'

And I say - 'Nah, I'll just stand here and read because if someone sits next to me I then feel obligated to make small talk and I just want to read'

It's been about an hour, game's only half way through, and the store employee (I'll call him Humpty 'cause for some reason he reminds me of Humpty Dumpty) says 'Ma'am you can go sit at the table and read if you like, you don't have to just stand here til the games over.' I'm tired so I give in and the stores pretty much empty so who's gonna bother me if every one's playing the game, right?. I sit, I'm comfortable, my feet no longer hurt, I'm in the reading zone again and....Humpty comes over, sits, starts painting and starts with the small talk.


I'm not a mean or rude person by any means so I do the small talk thing with him for about 5 minutes, all the while glancing back at my book to let him know 'OK, well I'm just gonna get back to my BOOK here' but he doesn't get the hint. He starts to ask me why I don't play the game with Rusty, his wife plays and at first she didn't like it either. I explain that it's just not my thing but he seems to think that I would REALLY like the game if someone just explained it to me. I'm such a sucker for not wanting to hurt someones feelings that I go along with it (what the hell, this should only take 5-10 minutes). He proceeds to try to teach me the game, I proceed to pretend to be interested and when the phone rings (he rushes to pick it up) I make a run for it and pretend like I'm having a conversation with Rusty, I'm taking drinks of soda just to look preoccupied (like drinking soda is going to save me), I play with my phone for a while thinking maybe he'll just forget what he was doing or get the hint that I've had enough but...nope. He comes over and tells me that there's one more thing he wants to show me so there I go...needless to say one thing turned into 5 things. As soon as Rusty's game was over I grabbed my stuff, latched onto Rusty and got the hell out of there ASAP.

Rusty later told me that he had told the guys (he was playing the game with) that I hated this game and Humpty trying to teach me was KILLING me, needless to say they all had a great laugh at my expense. There really isn't a moral to this story, I just thought I'd share my story about how all I wanted to do was read for a couple of hours and due to the fact that I suck and can't tell people outright what I feel cause I'm afraid to hurt their feelings...I ended learning stuff about a game I care nothing for.


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