Monday, June 29, 2009

I Can't Wait

This week is actually going to be one of the shortest working weeks I've had in a while and yet it seems like it's never going to end (I know, it's barely Monday).

Rusty and I had originally planned to go up north (Northern Cali) to visit his family and spend 4th of July weekend with them but that plan went out the window sometime last week when Rusty decided he'd rather us have Disneyland Annual Passes than go visit his family (I know it seems mean but you have no idea how boring it can get up there in the middle of nowhere). I agreed. So, we will be spending 4th of July at home by ourselves, BBQ'ing. I was hoping my parents wouldn't have any plans and this way maybe my mom could do all the cooking and we could just show up and eat (he he) but they ruined my wonderful plans of mooching because they just informed us that they might be spending their weekend in Selma (near Fresno) with family...ugh.

Other than the thought of BBQ'ing in the July heat, going shopping and buying things (I can't afford) out of boredom, I'm looking forward to getting some time off work. When we made our plans to go out of town I asked for Thursday & Monday off (Friday is a paid holiday) so now I have 5 days to do whatever...

I wish we had the money to get out of town but we don't (*sad face) so I guess I'll have to find stuff to do around the house. Maybe I'll actually get around to throwing away all the junk mail that has been piling up in the corner of my end table or spend some time at the beach (although it'll have to be in the afternoon cause Rusty's as white as Casper).

I'm almost positive I'll watch a lot of Maury & Court TV, maybe I'll catch up the last season of Entourage (I hear it's really good), and eat everything within my reach and then whine about how I've gained weight.

Oh, I forgot, I think Rusty's gonna drag me to Disneyland on Thursday and Monday... 'HELP ME JEBUS!'

What are you plans for 4th of July weekend?


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  2. My husband and I always spend the 4the 4th of July by ourselves, it's the one "big" holiday that we can get away and just relax, and not feel guilty if we don't hang with family. Yay for you, enjoy the long weekend :)


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