Friday, June 26, 2009

Busy Bee

I've been a busy little bee today. It feels like I haven't sat down all day. Since Friday is my day off it's usually my 'do nothing & veg all day' day but today was different.

I woke up around 9am and finished doing the laundry I started last night. I knew since last night that Rusty & I were going to Disneyland today but I figured we wouldn't leave til about 11 or so since they're open til midnight so I folded and put away all our now clean clothes. After finishing up Rusty and I got ready to go. We leave the house, go get something to eat (because if you've ever been to Disneyland you know never to eat there because it's REALLY overpriced), finally get to Disneyland's parking entrance and OMG it is packed!

I could not believe how packed it was but then again we haven't been to Disneyland in at least a year (we didn't have the $ to renew our passes at the time they expired) so I'm sure it wasn't any fuller than it usually is on a Friday at 1pm. We park our car, get out to wait for the tram and we had to wait 30 minutes for a tram. I swear they all decide to take their break at the same time. And, there's about 250 people waiting for the tram(s) in 84 degree weather (felt like 100)...Rusty is lathered in Coppertone Sun Block (SPF 48) because otherwise he'd be as red as lobster and I'm sweating like I just ran a mile (or at least jogged one). After three trams we finally get onto one, make it to the ticket booths, and purchase our tickets/Annual Passports.

**For those of you who are interested in buying a Annual Passport and live in Southern California but can't afford to pay for the entire thing at once I would definitely recommend taking advantage of their payment plan for Annual Passports (we did). You have to pay the days entrance fee ($69) per person and then they break down the total cost of your passports (they have 4 different types) throughout 12 months. We purchased the DELUXE Annual Passport (315 days), our first payment of $33 (for both passports) will be in deducted from my bank card in 3 days and from then on we'll have to pay $33 every month for the next 12 months for our Passport.

Anyway, we enter the park and of course...it's FULL. We make our way over to the Pirates of the Caribbean (the only ride we got on) and then decide to go home but return at night when it's not so hot (I have to note that this decision was mostly mine, Rusty would have stayed there all day if he could have). We get home and decide we're hungry so we go over to Denny's where we of course over ate. Now overly full, I decide we should go grocery shopping (my logic is if you're full you won't buy all the crap you don't really need) at Henry's Farmers Market in Fullerton. After shopping we go back home, hang out for awhile, it's now it's 7:45pm and we decide it's time to go back to Disneyland.

By the time we leave our house it's 8:15pm or so and we're thinking 'OK, cool we're gonna have like 3 1/2 hours to be there and get on rides'. WOW...we were so wrong. I guess the main parking structure was full so they re-routed everyone towards Downtown Disney and all traffic on Manchester Avenue was backed up. It took us 30 minutes to get from one street light (Manchester Ave./5 FWY exit) to another (Ball Rd).

Very long story short...we never found the parking lot that they were supposed to re-route us to and so we decided that going to Barnes & Noble to purchase a book was a much better idea (considering it was now 9:15pm). However, I did have to promise Rusty we'd go back to Disneyland early Sunday and stay there most of the day.

So, we made it to Barnes & Noble, purchased a coffee at Starbucks (I love their Cinnamon Dolce Latte), and bought some books including a new Sookie Stackhouse book (From Dead to Worse) - which BTW Rusty hates me reading because he says I'm now speaking with a southern accent (I guess I said the following to him today with a deep Southern accent 'I'm surprised your mama hasn't called you ALL day'). And now I'm so glad to finally home and in bed. All I'm planning on doing tomorrow is watching re-runs of ICarly (SO funny!) and reading my new book = )

I just thought I'd share a rundown of my very long day. I knew I wasn't going to be staying home today but I had no idea I'd be doing so much running around either. Ugh...

FYI: The Barnes & Noble in Orange (across the street from the Main Place Mall) has a bunch of books that are 50%off (if you become/or already are a B&N member you even get 10% those sale books). I don't really know if ALL Barnes & Noble stores are having this sale but I'm sure most are so check out your local store.

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  1. Haha, that's a crazy D-Land day! But great you live so close to take advantage of it often! Being in LA we're "close" but with the traffic, we're really a couple hours away, boo.


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